Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Svamiji today in Pula

I think I wrote before about great Indian spiritual master, who has started program called “Yoga in daily life”, Paramhans Swami Maheshvarananda. What is Yoga in daily life, you can read on their web site:
Yoga in daily life is a holistic system for body, mind, consciousness and soul, based on ancient teaching of yoga and adapted for today. Through practice you can regain your physical, psychic, social and spiritual health and achieve Self-realization and God-realization.” (
I personally don’t practice it, but I know many people who does, and who have benefits of it. However, I’ve seen Svamiji few times, and must admit that he is an amazing energy. He radiates love and peace, which You can feel all around him. They call him “perfect master” because he knows perfectly his own being, and knows others as he knows him self. He don’t have subconscious or unconscious mind obscurities, his mind is pure as crystal water, quiet as deep sea, and loving as father.

So today I will go to listen his lesson, he will talk about kundalini energy and chackras. For hose who don’t know, the lesson will be this evening (23.09.2004) in Istrian Theater in Pula at 19:30 (7:30 pm). Entrance is 50Kn, and all profit will be used for humanitarian purposes in Croatia.
And for weekend (24 to 26 September), Svamiji will held an Yoga seminar in Umag.
More info can be found on Croatian Yoga in daily Life site.
See you tomorrow…

Friday, September 17, 2004

My little paradise

There is one song of band “The Cult” entitled “Here comes the rain”, I don’t know if you have heard it, but 10 – 15 years ago I liked very much that song.

You could get real feeling of eternity in the act of standing under rain with hands open toward sky… while rain softly, but powerfull drops on your skin, washing all emotions, fears, anguish… Leaving only feeling of eternal happiness. Not superficial and 'loud' happiness that usually people express this days, but deep, peaceful, and strong feeling that will stay forever, if rain will continue to fall it will never go, if rain will be so soft and calm I will be in bliss forever, so please, please fall, I’m happy that you come: my loving rain. Please don’t let me wake up from my dream, let me dream forever, let me forget time, space and everything else while I’m giving my self to you, my loving rain: leave only Love, Me and You.
And than wash away Me, and than You, all dissolving being - dissolve Your self in Love, and leave only Love as witness what once has been…

A witness of life that now is no more,
A witness of feelings washed by you,
a witness of man dissolved in the love.

And every time you come
you will tell again,
And every time you come
new people will know,
Of man and rain that once has been,
now gone, in love.

And there will shine a hope again,
more brighter than the sun.
And a new life will be born:
who will know of love, by you.

So please don’t wait no moment no more….
……………my lovin’ rain.

All this week in Istria is raining. Sometimes rain can bring melancholic emotions, sometimes can bring life to thirsty land and man, and sometimes even disasters. But we should respect her anyway.
As now summer is fading away, and nature is vesting autumn colors, I’ve posted here some pictures, taken this spring, of home of may parents, where I was born and lived before going to university to Zagreb.
So enjoy as I have in “my little paradise”.

Friday, September 10, 2004

50 Children’s from Beslan in Croatia

In all this tragedy, here are some good news, a “traces of light”.
Zagreb mayoress Vlasta Pavic has invited 50 children’s survived attack in Beslan on recovery in Croatia. Good news is that they accepted, and they will spend month or two(depends on the estimation of Russian children’s psychologists) in Mali Losinj (Croatian island) accompanied with medical team and teachers. (In fact, many people from Zagreb, motivated by majorness gesture, has self initiative offered accommodation to children's in their homes, but it's decided that Mali Losinj is more suitable for children's recovery.)

This news has been accepted very good in most of the Russian media, as an answer and gratitude to Zagreb’s offer, Russian conductor Pavel Kogan decided that instead of keeping one concert in Zagreb, he will keep two for free, on 19. September during “Days of Moscow in Zagreb”.
And more, Russian sculptor and painter Zurab Tsereteli has announced that will held an exhibition of his artworks in spring 2005, also motivated with Zagreb’s invite to Russian children’s.

Zagreb mayoress Vlasta Pavic will be in Moscow from 15. to 18. September this year, on the meeting called "Conference for peace" together with more than 100 majors from all word, and among other she will visit Beslan.

I think that light is much more powerful than dark… Put a small candle in enormous room and it will banish dark from all corners of the room. The dark is absence of light, and dark can rule only when there is no light.

This post also demonstrates following:
Good deeds are rewarded with good, bad things with bad. And even more, positive things will return back multiplied. Look how one positive gesture of Vlasta Pavic, has resulted in many (more than one) positive reactions. While in the domain of negativity the rule is “eye for eye, and tooth for tooth”, in the domain of positivism seams that one will return in many.

And this is not the rule only on physical level, but also on level of thoughts and emotions, which are even more potentially dangerous. So if we hate someone, we will get (one way or another) this hate back. If we give love(one way or another) we will get love back. I’m shore that everyone can find such examples in his own life. Before every action there is a thought. So thinking bad or hating someone, will rise same emotions and thoughts in that persons, and as thoughts or feelings are in root of every action we will get bad feedback even on physical level. We should be aware that not all are on the same level of consciousness, and that peoples on the lower levels, can fall easily under influence of bad emotions which takes control over them: as a consequence they can undertake unpredictable, uncontrollable and dangerous actions.

So if we consider ourselves persons with higher consciousness, awareness and right sense of discrimination, we should assume our responsibility for things that are happening in the world, knowing that with our good or bad attitude(thoughts, emotions, actions) we are also creating “reactions” that can be good or bad(think at the reactions on Vlasta Pavic initiative, and reactions on Russian policy in Chechnya). We should be responsible and aware on all levels of our existence! Today this is required more than ever, because of specific world situation and known problems.

And if we consider or self as not so high conscious, aware or responsible, we should sustain or self of judging, because we are not able to predict effects of our judgment (in thoughts, words, feelings or actions). In fact high conscious people don’t judge because they understand natural law of action and reaction. It is much better to think good, pray for good and do good. Hard and bad emotions are extremely dangerous, and if we are spreading them (especially stimulating others) we should be aware of sharing responsibility for bad events that may come, geographically near or far.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Fire all around

I must admit that recent world events, and events in Croatia, has made me feel very bad… Maybe the glasses which I’m looking through are distorted, maybe the media are weighting more bad things than good, but all those suffering around the world are raising anguish in my hearth: everywhere one can see disasters, hate, killing, greed, environment destruction… What’s this?!! Why!!! How long can we go this way, and are we approaching the end of this suffering or the end of the world?

I think all are shocked because of events in Russia, and that we should all pray for those victims. How far human cruelty may go? What evil fate has produced such a violent minds as those terrorist are? Can we imagine level of inner suffering, frustration and hate when they engage them self in such extreme inhuman actions? What could bring those people to the point where the don’t care at all for their life: because they are humans as wee all are. And another, maybe even more important question, who are those who use them? What they want to achieve? Can they be called humans at all, when they produce and use human suffering for their own scopes, when they are spreading hate and destruction among their own followers? Nobody becomes so violent by his own nature, it is always product of some extremely hard experience combined with “brain washing”.

I’m not referring here only to Islam world, but also to western. Can we fight fire with fire? Can we fight war with war? Today is Mother Theresa’s death anniversary, and she used to say that only love can confer peace on world. What a great soul. War is not in interests of simple people, war is in interest of demonic minds of the “Lords Of the Wars”. Do we think that terrorist leaders will be unhappy, or afraid if western world start a war against them, or will hate them? No, its their aim! They have enough fanatics, and will have them even more with so much “food” that feeds them with hate. And now I read, that Russians are calling people to join “manifestation of solidarity against terrorism” tomorrow in Moscow. Fighting “against” terrorists is fulfillment of their aim, fighting them with their means we do what they want, and I am shore that Russian (or American) government is very well aware of this. Suddenly, this international terrorism and al Qaida are welcome as excuse for many problems. Now it is not important what Russians were doing in Cechenia for years, Putin can transfer all guilt on al Qaida! It’s all their fault!? What’s this? Are we blind or stupid? Economy is not going very well, people remains without job, we must raise the taxes… Why? Again, the winning answer is Al Qaida! And who is this all Quaida after all? Probably few crazy, and few rich individuals. What are they against power of America and Europe? Instead of localizing them as few maniacs, we are dissolving fear, using them as excuse for our problems or interests. And here it comes… Suddenly all west fears Islam, and Islam countries begins to perceive west (especially USA) as conquerors and danger! And in a minute we don’t have few maniacs any more, but we have west against Islam… billions of people involved! Without this west-Islam conflict there would not be al Quaida at all! If people in Arabic countries would perceive western people as their friends, who would follow extremist leaders? But why they are perceiving us as a threat? I don’t believe is all their fault, and I will not go further in elaboration because this post would get too long, and I’m not “All knowing”: so please if someone has some interesting idea or observation to shear it by comments.

Another thing that made me sad this week is “Frances” cyclone. Millions of people evacuated, houses destroyed… And in Croatia many conflagrations this weekend, burned woods, people houses in danger. What hurts the more is the fact that all this could been fired intentionally. Yesterday evening form the top of the hill in center of Pula (where is old fort, there during summer is held up open air cinema), big red fire could be seen. It left me depressed, because with all we’ve heard and seen this weekend it seamed that “fires are all around”: destruction in all forms all around the world.

But this maybe also due to wrong perception… Many happy things has happened in the world also, Although we hear more for those bad. Because of that I will try to write at least one post with good things on every post with bad news. We must rediscover joy and happiness regardless all, and I’m shore that reasons for this exists!

Istria in German

Well, I found one blog about Istria in German at I don't understand much about German, but hope it will help some German language readers. However, it seams that is more informational oriented, if compared to this blog.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Argentina 2004 as Croatia 1992

I don't know if somebody noticed that Argentina has won two Olympic gold’s, in football and basketball, which are among few most popular sports in the world. Both sports are very competitive: because they are very popular, both are team sports with lot’s of players - it is more difficult to put together good team than to find good individual, like in tennis or swimming. Note also that people are passionate about those sports. (Interesting is that, as I remember, Argentina has never won anything important in basketball in the past!)

So why I’m talking so much about Argentina? If somebody remember, there was huge crisis in Argentina few years ago, due to state bank collapse. People lost their money(not to mention currency devaluations), there was huge demonstrations, people were starving, the army was on streets… Probably even today there are big political and social problems, hunger etc. although media don’t mention this problems so much any more.

We saw similar problems in Croatia, in the 1990’s. There was war, hunger, fear and all other economical and social problems: But those problems united people. Hard times makes great individuals and people (For example, Achilles was great warrior, but who would know about him if not for great war of Troy). And what’s interesting, those dark times gave birth to great sport teams and individuals. Why sport? Well, people always need some sort of satisfaction, relief, something what will bright them day, and in heavy darkness, where social and political problems seams unsolvable, seams that first valve, that will produce relief, is sport.

It is not conscious process, looks more like reaction: if we observe society as one organism. In similar way our mind and body works: if we are sad because of something, we try to think on something nice, that will give us relief; and if our body gets hurt it mobilizes or creates other resources(white blood cells for example) to cure injured spot. It is not conscious, it is reflex reaction. In similar way society as one organism, mobilizes, and creates stronger resources (for example sportsman’s), that will give mental and physical relief to injured individuals.

Who can forget great individuals as Dražen Petrović and all Croatian basketball team that 1992 in best possible way promoted their country by playing with first, and probably only real, American basketball “Dream Team” (with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone and John Stockton…) in Barcelona Olympic finals. Who can forget young Goran Ivanišević(later Wimbledon winner), who played with Croatian flag around his head when Croatia has fought for independence and international recognition? And what about great football(with Zvone Boban), or water polo generation? (There was also many other good sport’s individuals and teams, and I apologize if I haven’t mentioned all of them).

So, I believe that in similar manner Argentinean success on Olympics in Athens has brought some sort of relief and satisfaction to the people in this hard days, as great injection of strength that rise peoples moral, an helps them overcome problems.