Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Argentina 2004 as Croatia 1992

I don't know if somebody noticed that Argentina has won two Olympic gold’s, in football and basketball, which are among few most popular sports in the world. Both sports are very competitive: because they are very popular, both are team sports with lot’s of players - it is more difficult to put together good team than to find good individual, like in tennis or swimming. Note also that people are passionate about those sports. (Interesting is that, as I remember, Argentina has never won anything important in basketball in the past!)

So why I’m talking so much about Argentina? If somebody remember, there was huge crisis in Argentina few years ago, due to state bank collapse. People lost their money(not to mention currency devaluations), there was huge demonstrations, people were starving, the army was on streets… Probably even today there are big political and social problems, hunger etc. although media don’t mention this problems so much any more.

We saw similar problems in Croatia, in the 1990’s. There was war, hunger, fear and all other economical and social problems: But those problems united people. Hard times makes great individuals and people (For example, Achilles was great warrior, but who would know about him if not for great war of Troy). And what’s interesting, those dark times gave birth to great sport teams and individuals. Why sport? Well, people always need some sort of satisfaction, relief, something what will bright them day, and in heavy darkness, where social and political problems seams unsolvable, seams that first valve, that will produce relief, is sport.

It is not conscious process, looks more like reaction: if we observe society as one organism. In similar way our mind and body works: if we are sad because of something, we try to think on something nice, that will give us relief; and if our body gets hurt it mobilizes or creates other resources(white blood cells for example) to cure injured spot. It is not conscious, it is reflex reaction. In similar way society as one organism, mobilizes, and creates stronger resources (for example sportsman’s), that will give mental and physical relief to injured individuals.

Who can forget great individuals as Dražen Petrović and all Croatian basketball team that 1992 in best possible way promoted their country by playing with first, and probably only real, American basketball “Dream Team” (with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone and John Stockton…) in Barcelona Olympic finals. Who can forget young Goran Ivanišević(later Wimbledon winner), who played with Croatian flag around his head when Croatia has fought for independence and international recognition? And what about great football(with Zvone Boban), or water polo generation? (There was also many other good sport’s individuals and teams, and I apologize if I haven’t mentioned all of them).

So, I believe that in similar manner Argentinean success on Olympics in Athens has brought some sort of relief and satisfaction to the people in this hard days, as great injection of strength that rise peoples moral, an helps them overcome problems.


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