Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Summer rush in Istra

So, full touristic season is on in our beloved region, and with it also the summer rush. During the day It’s almost impossible to find parking place near the beaches. In the evening the same story in the town. Sound familiar? Manny tourists that came in this period are living or working in big cities as Milan, Budapest, Munich or other European capitals where rush is style of life - and now they come in same situation: while in their cities (I’ve been in Milan during August) now is calm.
Well, shouldn’t be better to stay home in august and come in September? I’m half joking, because there are many factors that determine when one can go to holidays, but I’ve wanted to emphasis how Istria is beautiful in September and autumn in general.
Usually see is still warm enough to take bath (till end of September without problems), there is some special sensation of peace and calm and colors are very strong: sun, sea, grass, trees… all shines in beautiful shapes and colors. There is even some melancholic emotion in the autumn, maybe because of live summer passing away, and because all is calming down, going toward another winter. The memories of past years rise up, and I remember old days when together with my grandpa we was collecting harvest: that nature and work of our hands gifted us… I’ must admit that I’m sometimes nostalgic of those days, I miss those calm, worm and timeless sensation, simplicity of collecting apples and grapes, moments of happiness without stress and worries. So if You can, come in Istria in the September – or early summer, not in August: You will get better experience.


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you recommend Istria in September, because that's when we've decided to go this summer. I must say that it's a bit painful to wait so long for one's summer vacation, especially when everyone else is returning from the coast looking tanned and refreshed and telling you how nice it was. But I suppose he who laughs last, laughs best?

We'll see.

Michael M.

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