Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Euro 2004 football championship

This days everyone talks about football, and many people their evenings spend in front of the television watching football games at European championship euro2004. As in every game, there are surprises, sensational turnovers, new and old heroes as Wayne Rooney or Zinedine Zidane… Croatia has lost the game against England (4 : 2), and leaves championship. I will not analyze the game, the players or coach, because all in Croatia are doing this, here we will focus on attitude.
Now many wants to crucify the Selector, mr.Otto Baric for the defeat, people feels angry frustrated and waste their time on infinite debates. All nation is focused on this.
Similar situation is with Italians, they have won against Bulgaria, but it was not enough to pass to the quarterfinals, in fact Denmark and Sweden scored 2:2 which was result that guaranteed booth teams to pass first round. Days before Italians was speculating and accusing booth Denmark and Sweden that they have reach agreement to play 2:2, so Italia was doing heavy pressure on all actors instead to think about their game, which they have almost lost.
This is only introduction to understand the situation and circumstances, and here is the point: why we cannot let the players simply do their best and have fun because of good game? In the middle of the game Denmark – Sweden, when Sweden was loosing 2 : 1 and was in danger of falling out, the camera has shown an Swedish fan who was smiling, and having fun as they were winning!? I consider this an great attitude, culture and great example. We and Italians are taking football to seriously (by the way, we booth play defensive football) and we booth has fallen out. So maybe it is time to take the game as the game, and enjoy in it…


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