Tuesday, June 01, 2004

About Austrians that enclose Istrian coast and Troy

In today’s news in “Glas Istre”(Istrian newspaper) the main title is: “Austrians enclose Istrian coast”. The non private land has been sold to Austrians in doubtful transaction for small money, and after that urbanized. Now they are enclosing the coast, and closing roads to sea in tricky way, so that they can close the ways and stay in the limits of the law. All story is doubtful, but probably none of responsible will bear the consequences.
Seams that the story repeats for uncounted number of times. Always the bead guys wins an people suffers for someone greed and will to dominate and possess, to have more, and more, and more…
This is the story of Troy, yesterday we went to cinema to watch the film. The Trojans were noble and honest, their prince Hector great and noble hero, Troy beautiful city, but the Trojans was killed, Hector was killed, and beautiful city burned and destroyed. Why? Not because of a beautiful princess Helen, but because of greed and will to dominate of Agamemnon, Greek king and conqueror.
After film I asked my self, what is the sense of all this? What is the sake of all this death and destruction. It seams that dark side has won, all was destroyed, all great warriors including Achilles killed, booth kings, even Agamemnon who started the war, dead… Who was happy?
There was an great statement, when Hector said that there is nothing noble in killing someone. Chivalry can be noble but to kill someone….?
At least there was nobility in being warrior, but today’s little profiteer are they noble? They hide them self like a rats in the holes, they hide them self behind holes in the law, lawyers, they are doing what is wrong but do not care for that if they can’t get caught. What a misery… At least Achilles went alone under the walls of Troy challenging Hector, he was not afraid of dying, he stood bravely behind his acts an decisions. Today there is no face you can look at. All hide them selves.
So seams that present times are even worst, the bed guys don’t get justice for their deeds like Agamemnon who has von but not lived the days of his glory.
But still I think that there are heroes outside even today, but they don’t fight with armor and sword, the fight with word of peace and love like Dalai Lama, like Bono Vox, Paolo Coelho and other people around the world.


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