Friday, March 26, 2004

Natural life devastation

Last day I was talking with my father and uncle. You know, my father is around 55 years old and he has seen things that when I was born were not possible. For example when he was a kid people were taking bath in port of Pula. Amazing! Today nobody dears to do this! And what's even more interesting there was plenty of fish, big quality fish swimming there! Today you can se this only in national park of Brijuni, about which we were taling before.

But the “world has change”, says the prologue of the lord of the rings trilogy… And for me this were only the stories. I remember other stories that were saying about abundance of sea life: lobsters, shells and other animals could be seen, found… Bt for me this was only stories. I was born in 1972, and till time I have grown enough to understand something more, this things were gone, and only the story remained.

I remember those stories with nostalgia, because this stories for me was, and are, something epic, something valuable, eternal, a memories from beginning of my life that will never fade out. It seamed to me that things should be like this.

But last day I have remained astonished, because of one thing. Every port has its breakwater, to protect it from big waves and wind. about 12 years ago we were going there to pick some mussels. On the walls of that breakwater there was so full of this shells, that you could collected them as many as you liked! 10, 20 Kg no problem: In half an our you’ve done! The question was only how big they are, so you could spend more time to collect only bigger pieces.

Since I was in university, army, working in Italy and have become a vegetarian, I was not going any more at fishing, or diving for shells and other things. So I remained astonished when my uncle said that on that breakwater is not even one mussel remained! Not even the smallest! The breakwater deep around 20 meters and long around 150m is clean as a mirror! I could not believe this thing!

Today the tears has come to my face when I remembered this, let’s pray that tomorrow we wont all cry for the world that we have ruined… What was only story for me yesterday, today has become the truth, one peace of my life, something that was a part of my memory has gone, and probably will not come back. Today we have cellular phones, nice cars, big TV’s (and lot's of stress), but I think that we’ve lost much, much more. The television may be flat, and true color, and Dolby, and digital and whatever but sight through the window will always be more true color, and more natural and less digital.


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