Monday, March 15, 2004

Positive and negative impacts of tourism for domestic people

Related to previous post, we will continue in same direction for a while. Tourism, like any other industry has its positive and negative sides.
Positive sides are that places and regions where main industry is tourism, must be always nice and clean. They are usually void of heavy industries whit lots of green, parks… Usually this places are very nice to live, especially if you are financially well situated. The prices of real estate rise high, so if you own some property, you have good capital.

This thing has happened in Istria. 20 years ago the prices of land was very low. Who bought it in that time, today have many, many times multiplied value. It is not rare that a property near sea costs 200, 300, 400 EUR/m2 (just land), while 20 years ago you could buy same land for maybe 1 EUR/m2, or event get it for free from the state! Manny have built apartments on their properties, and they are earning to live by renting them to tourists. This is called private accommodation, and is very popular form of lodging in Croatia: some examples of private accommodation in Istria can be seen on our site.
Another positive thing is that domestic people can take advantage of offer, manifestations… prepared for tourists and have more fun during summer. That is the thing that everybody likes…

Negative sides are pollution (yes, tourism pollutes as any other industry… This summer I will take some photos and post them here so you can see, but I assure you that the sea looks much, much better out of tourist season), and many social moments mostly due to week and corruptive government, but more about this in next post. bye!


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