Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hi there!

This is my first blog post ever! My name is Dragan Bencic and I live in Pula, a city situated in Istria - Croatia. I'm a programmer, webmaster, have few hobbies but I'll talk about this maybe later, because this blog is intended to be about green peninsula in which I live, and it's Istria in local name Istra. I will try to publish posts in booth English and Croatian when I have time, but mostly I will publish in English, because I want to make Istria closer to international audience... And maybe even closer to istrians them selves, because we often forget to appreciate what is nearest to us, like our family or country.
So here I will try to post my toughts, resources like photos, news, i'll try to write much on ecology because I think it is important in this moment... The other suggestions will be appriciated too. Thanks an see you soon...


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