Monday, March 01, 2004

Istria and ecology

In this blog I want to put big emphasis on the ecology. Why? In this moment it is very important that people act in the way to preserve the nature, and because the istria can still be considered clean. There is not heavy industry or agriculture, all over the istria you can see traces of traditional culture... Take a look at this pictures and you'll understand what I meant.

Off course, there are also modern cities, but most of economy is based on tourism. Because the Istria was part of communistic Yugoslavia till 1991, we haven't developed massive tourism like Spain or France for example, but things are changing.

So, a friend of mine has put up an organization for ecology and culture, and in this post I've wanted to let you know about his site:
EIA (eia is the Istrian goodies of nature). He is currently building an ecologic center, with ecologic programs, and tries to protect nature, and one of the last complete natural camps in istria.... So have fun.


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