Tuesday, March 02, 2004

National park Brijuni

Istria is place of beautiful nature... So there is one National park and few protected parks of nature. Here I will point to
National park Brijuni (there is English an Croatian version). This park is an archipelago which form fourteen larger and smaller islands with beautiful nature.

The park was used by former president of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito as his presidential residence, so for long time this park was closed for public. In roman times, when Istria was a part of roman empire, Roman nobles used brijuni as their holiday residence. And because of this there are many traces of roman presence.

So if so many important people liked this islands there must be some reason... They are still an exclusive destination, where you can lodge in old villas, and spend time in intact nature. You will be amazed to see fishes of 4 kg swimming, deers runnig around free, other animals in zoo, roman rests... This is possible because Brijuni were closed for so many years, for exclusive use by high Yugoslav politicians. But times are changing (like in the "lord of the rings movie"). There is a master plan for Istrian tourism, and it seams that Brijuni has to undergo big changes. So this days when you can enjoy nature alone will probably be the days of the past. This thing is certainly bad, good thing is that the project will probably bring some money to the region and country. Wee will see. You can visit page about National Park Brijuni on our site also with few pictures in photo gallery...


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