Sunday, March 21, 2004

Positive and negative impacts of tourism for domestic people II

There are lot’s of negative impacts of tourism too. I would like to accent only few here. The value of some properties are degrading significantly because of extensive apartment construction. Imagine you have a house on a nice place, and then all around you people build apartments for tourists.

Other thing, even worst, is if you live and work here. You must understand that in Croatia average salary is around 500 euro, and that Croatia has less that 5 million habitants. Western Europe has at least 300 million of habitants with much, much higher standard. So, now we have this situation: for now Croatian coast is still attractive, and so many European citizens wants to by real estate in Istria or Dalmatia.

We are in situation that domestic people hat to compete with many people, with lot’s of higher standard if they wants to by them self a house to live. Pay attention, domestic people needs a place to live, other some place to go during month or two in summer. This is unfair, very unfair, and local people has problems to find place to live and find them selves strangers in their own land.


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