Thursday, May 06, 2004

Are Croatians spiritual people?

Ok, I've been busy for a while, so there wasn’t much time for writing. This post is inspired by news that great Indian spiritual master known as Swamiji is coming to Croatia(not for first time, he has been here many times).

Swamiji said that people in Croatia are more and more looking for spiritual dimension, and that is the reason why he comes. But not only in Croatia, I’ve met people all around the world looking for some higher inspiration, peace and harmony. They are sick off common and everyday stress, and I think that this is the beginning. Beginning of change. This will continue with transformation: Transformation that we all have to undergo, as individuals and society.

Through history the mans consciousness was changing. It is still changing. For example, today for most civilized people crucify or burn someone would be unacceptable act. In the past that was acceptable, because of the level of consciousness in that time. Some habits has changed, and many today habits will change also.

Probably the people of tomorrow will understand that the race we are doing today, the battle for profit, power and wealth is nonsense, and will change their habits. Consider politicians for example. They should serve the people(as Jesus said) but they spend tons of money to win the elections and power. If they were good servant of people would they win elections without commercials? I think not, people in global would not vote for such person today, and people still consider that they have free will and choice, while are manipulated by medias, their own weaknesses and wishes. But this may change tomorrow, as people learn more about them selves and learn to distinguish positive from negative impacts, truth from lies and so on.

Habits, fears and desires of the people make possible to someone to rule over them, manipulate them, and use their energy. If people learn to develop self confidence, inner peace and happiness, than nobody can manipulate them, because they are free to choose: unconditioned by their own weaknesses. Such a person can act more rational and calm, and take better decisions.

This are some of the things that great spiritual masters as Swamiji, tries to teach people. But this is individual transformation, happiness, peace and self confidence can’t been bought as cellular phone: it is not so easy. Instead we must change and discover our potentials. Nothing more, nothing less: we can be guided but work and transformation can be done by our selves only.
Here is Croatian yoga in daily life site.


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