Thursday, April 08, 2004

Istra Tourist Board website

Maybe you have tried to search for term “Istra” in Google, or some other search engine, and you always get site on the top. There my arise an confusion, because this is not an official, but private site. Official site of Istrian Tourist Board is, and official site of Istrian Region is So we learned one more thing… The Croatian top-level domain is .hr (from local name Hrvatska), as its country code. So is official site, is not, because you cannot buy an .hr domain as .com, for example. No private person can purchase or, you must prove that you have right to own this name(for example the name must be same to your company name).

Off course, this doesn’t mean that official sites are better than unofficial, and in most cases private site makes better service, here I’ve only wanted to make few clarification about Croatian internet space. You can also visit for more information’s.

PS. I’ve noticed link to this blog, and to our site, on Istra-Online portal, about which we were writing earlier. Thanks guys, I appreciate it and think that you are doing good job.


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