Monday, April 19, 2004

About weather

Probably everyone noticed that people talk often about weather. There are more reason for this: because the weather is important for about how we feel in general, the other thing is that it's so easy to talk about it, you can do it, without saying anything important. And people seems to have fear of taking decisions, fear of truth and responsibility, so they often run into conversation about thing they cannot influence.

But, our dear weather, seams to change as everything else. This days in Istria are rather cold for this season, and, which is not unusually, often rains. I would not be surprised that even summer continues in same direction, or that will be very hot and dry. People have become so powerful with their technology to influence many things on our planet, among which is weather also. And we all share the responsibility for this.

Some people can think that they are not responsible for ozone holes or forests dying, but we must be honest and objective: do I use car? do I use fridge? Do I like and want all comfort that modern life offers? Do I everyday throw away garbage without knowing where it will go? If answer is yes, than I also share a responsibility: it is because of me that one part (doesn't matter how small it is) of the nature is devastated with this technology that is currently imperfect. We must understand that wishes of the common people run this material world. If common people wouldn’t like to use cellular phones or cars, then cellular phone or car industry would not exist. It is as simple as this. Don’t think that I am saying that progress is bad thing, I am only saying that we should be all aware of our responsibility for thing that are happening. We must all strive to do our best, and help to build better world. This also includes mastering the skills and technology of today, and using our sense of discrimination try to improve good ones, and replace bad with better.


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