Wednesday, July 07, 2004

MSN Search Technology Preview

Now we can test and get preview of future microsoft's search engine (completely built on microsoft technology) at (click on MSN Search Technology Preview link, this site will be aviable only for short time they said)

what micorsoft uses now on is not its own search engine, but search results are supplied by Yahoo. Let's return backward for a while....

A small company in Mountain View, Calif., invents an Internet product that takes the world by storm. It appears on the cover of magazines, attracts high-profile investors and, when it's ready to go public, has a spectacular stock market premiere.
Stop us if you've heard this one before.

Though that paragraph could describe Google, which is planning an initial public offering for later this summer, investors are worried about how much it resembles another dot-com phenom: Netscape.

Then, as now, the upstart looked unstoppable. It controlled 80 percent of the market, had solid revenues and a smart management team.

Yet it only took three years for Microsoft to unseat Netscape as the dominant Web browser. Now that Microsoft has its sights set on Google, history appears to be repeating itself.

I have read somewhere that Bill Gates said that today's search isn't att all sophisticated, and that they are building wery sophisticated and advanced search engine. Well, that beta msn search is not looking advanced or revolutionary at all, but this is only preview. More strong companies in search engine race is good for users, but let's hope that Netscape's story will not repeat.


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