Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Croatia wins Davis Cup

Today and yesterday, probably all blogs, newspapers, portals and TV stations talks about great Croatian victory in Davis Cup. After defeating US in the first round, Croatia has come to the end: in the 105 years of history of Davis Cup, there have been only 12 winners - including Croatia. It is one of the most prestigious competitions of the world, so it is really a big thing for so small Country as Croatia.

We can ask our selves, how can it be that so small country, with only few thousands registered players, and less than 5 million of people can win Davis Cup, come to world’s tennis throne out of more than hundred other nations including big and rich countries as US, Russia, France, Spain....
In Croatia, small money is invested in tennis, most of achieved is fruit of individual efforts of players and parents. For example Ljubičić, who won 11 live matches this season (what is absolute world record) was 12 year old outcast form his home town, he had to run to city of Split where he begun his first step in tennis. He was at his own, there was not Nick Bollitieri’s camps, he was not Agassi or Roddick who was discovered early as talents and then pushed through well known paths to become great players… He was playing in broken shoes because he could not afford new ones, it was “to be or not to be” choice made by him! Such things has to be respected, no one of top 10 players had have so difficult path to success.
Off course, every path to great champion is hard, but some are harder. Not only that we are only 4.5 million, but we have also worse conditions that most other countries that invest great money in sport. In certain sense it’s some sort of miracle, especially if we consider that this is not first world championship in Croatian sport: handball, skiing, world bronze in soccer, silver against first US dream team with Michael Jordan, are some of the great sport achievements.
So once again, great homage to new Davis Cup champions, especially to Ivan Ljubičić, great fighter and hero, and Mario Ančić who for long time was in his shadow, but in finals he brought a winning point! Details abouth match can be found on official davis cup site.


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