Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rivers of steel

Rivers of steel....

Today and Yesterday was raining… Very strange weather for summer, almost seams as autumn, September – October… Yes, yesterday Croatian soccer club Hajduk from Split, lost from Anonymous Hungarian club Debrecen 5:0 in the center of Split, so it may be that sky over Croatia is crying of shame… But most likely cause for this are climatic changes, caused by man’s indolence and ignorance.
So why rivers of steel? Well, all of You who have come to Pula, Poreč, Rovinj or some other tourist place in Istria (and probably elsewhere ), knows that roads all around the place, entrances in the city especially, looks like rivers of cars (which are of steel) , rivers that are more like lakes: they are not moving. Now with such a weather, it is even worst. Today, I’ve visited Croatian tourist portal and looked at their wallpapers section, where all wallpapers are picturing Croatia as idyllically natural place with solitary beaches…
But dear tourists: it is not like this!

If You are going on holidays most likely you will meet a river of steel, or classical rush hour. So You’ve probably run from an rush hour to take a rest in another rush hour… My recommendation is: go on holidays in June or September! September is beautiful also, even more than august. I’m waiting for September to begin bath season ;). This year, I was only 2 times at the beach, tomorrow I’m going on holiday: and I’m going far away from here to take some rest. But if You like rush, many people everywhere, no place for parking, full beaches, some cultural and fun events: to come in Croatia right now is excellent choice for You.

Croatia from postcards: popularity deteriorates quality

Idyllically place pictured on the internet and magazines is thing of the past, or is vanishing right now. Now all you can find is crowd and business. It’s very hard for average tourist to get a holiday like those pictured in magazines. If You are very rich: you can, but otherwise… But this is natural, with groving popularity, quality deteriorates. Very funny(and sad): Croatia is becoming world wide popular as land of virgin nature, but with its grooving popularity this virgin nature is vanishing.
What a paradox, it’s like sawing the branch on which you are sitting. Everybody is talking about virgin nature, delicious food, but nobody is talking about devastation of nature, about deterioration of beautiful coasts in order to build tourist resorts, about malversations with land, about impossibility to handle all this waste during summer, about car rushes, about bad smell from port of Pula and other similar ports, about high prices caused by high number of tourists…
This is not a negative publicity, this is reality: you will meet both sides, except if you are rich. In that case, you may meet only idyllically pictured Croatia (like many celebrities and royalties that are currently visiting Croatia), a land of thousand of virgin islands.

About ecology and virgin nature: Differentiated waste

Did You know that in Pula it is almost impossible to find place to put differentiated waste: plastic, glass, organic… Last day I’ve wanted to throw away some plastic bottles (of mineral water), but I was unable to find a place where I could do so?!! I was driving around with car, but without success! And we are talking about virgin nature, ecological destination etc??! There is no differentiated waste: and it is not so hard to put here and there few containers... what can we expect from more demanding issues?


At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Diane Mahoney said...

Hello Dragan!

I haven't visited your web-site in awhile. I have been busy, as we all are. :-) But I visited tonight and must say you are right on the mark about tourism causing problems. I'm sure the government of Hrvatska loves the hard currency coming in from all the tourists, but their experience will not be as pictured in magazines if everyone comes. The next time I visit, it will be in September or October. Are places like Tucepi and Makarska so over-run with people now, too? Or is that more in Split and Dubrovnik, which get a lot of media attention? You make some good points in your commentary.

Diane from California


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