Friday, July 01, 2005

Announcement: 10th Smrikva Bowl Finals

Event Place: Štinjan (Pula) – Croatia – Istria
Event time: 02 july 2005 at 9:00
Entrance: free
“Smrikva Bowl” is biggest European tennis tournament for boys and girls under 10. It is organized by tennis club “Smrikve”, based in little place near Pula, called Štinjan. You can check Smrikve’s website, and Last Year’s tournament and photos! Very nice, as You can see from the photos, the children’s are having much fun, and stellar treatment!
For last three years, also, US vs. Europe was organized: Best players from US’s “Little Mo” tennis tournament (Andy Roddick won Little Mo in 1992) and best players from “Smrikva Bowl” compete for Little Mo/Smrikva Bowl championship, which is very exciting, because we are watching future champions!
Imagine that whole families with children’s have came from 3 continents to participate at this prestigious tournament, to gain new experience, find new friends … The children’s from US are willing to travel for more than 20 hours to get to the tournament, so it must be something special.
With 95 participants from 21 countries, it is one of the biggest sport events in our town, with tourist importance also: it gathers more than 400 people (children’s, parents, trainers…), and most of them decide to spend some holidays here also. Manny participants and parents will gladly remember this tournament, they will spread the word about Istrian beauties, and perhaps some of them will return to visit this place as big tennis stars. So, the positive impacts on our community are multiple, and it is pity that this great work, which would not be possible without support of number of enthusiasts and volunteers, is not better supported by our official district or tourist board.
So I highly recommend it to everyone interested in tennis, you will have the possibility to see future Wimbledon winner, the best boys and girls from Europe and US, are already there, they wait only for You… Enjoy!
We will know the finalist’s this evening, but probably I will not publish this, only final results….


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