Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Warming up, taking control

Hi everybody. To be honest, my focus of my interest is moving from Istrian peninsula, more toward social and environmental themes. But, place in which we live is model, by which we can come to some conclusions. All around me I see busy people watching only their own affairs, which don’t care much about anything else. Usually they say, why bother when it is impossible to change anything.

Sooner or later the world will change. All civilizations has seen their raise and fall, and fall has always begun when people loose their sense of community, respect and morality. So, the world in which we live will vanish forever, including all cruelties connected with our way of life. We are controlled by unscrupulous people, who don’t hesitate to take most drastic actions to keep or conquer more power and control, including human life destruction, destruction of environment and destruction of social structure.

But we have chosen to give them power to control us. We are giving the power to criminals without scruples, great wealth to individuals who by their moral and character doesn’t disserve it, who use it only for their own happiness, who are obtaining their aims over “corpses” of ordinary people. They don’t care much if common people every day falls as a victims of bureaucracy or intolerance, war or hunger, if they can’t find a justice although somebody say’s that law can provide justice? But law is often used as a mean to exercise power and control, don’t you feel sometimes like this? “Wait, but who care for character? Money is important not character?!” Such thoughts give power to some and suffering to majority, fear and desires, ignorance and negligence, lack of self-esteem and patience can have the same effect. But this will change, life and world we se is already past: as a resound of old days, designated to extinction. Leaders of today, are leaders of past, economy of today is economy of past, life of today is life of past. You may say, I don’t think and feel like this, but we can ask our selves: aren’t wee too busy to see anything? We are even unable to see, here and understand our wife and kids, because we don’t take the time to understand them. In one of the past posts, I’ve transcribed some verses from Veda’s with prophecy about our age, old more than 5000 years, which means that everything can be seen if we have eyes for it. Be happy.

Because English is not my native language(and I’m neither an English expert), I apologize to those who may feel uncomfortable because of imperfections in this text. All comments and correction are welcome.


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