Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year Advent

Today is Advent of New Year. We are saying goodbye to Old Year, and welcome to New! Recent events in Asia makes this goodbye and welcome very sad. But other events also has put dark spot on the last Year: if we remember various terrorists strikes(especially that one in Russia, where victims were completely innocent children’s), war in Iraq, ecological and economical problems, together other less or more “important” events, seams that last year is not something to be proud off for us, human beings. It looks more like something to be forgotten as soon as possible, as fear, tensions, violence social and other problems are increasing significantly. Will 2005 bring us something better? To answer this questions it is to be considered what is better.
Some people that believe in God consider that we are punished for our sins. In that concept, God may seam as evil Judge who is watching only for our failures to condemn us. With this concept in mind it is difficult to perceive God as loving and caring. Some people that don’t believe in God are feeling even worst about world around us. They perceive everything as potential danger and threat. With that concept life becomes fight for money, position and sensual pleasure: in such a case nothing can be holy. And in many cases such a life, regardless if bring success or failure, can become very miserable (consider for a while cases of very successfully people, which are in same time very unhappy).
But there is other concept of belief, that God is doing everything for mans sake. That everything in final, which is often hidden to us, will turn Good: In other words, that God has a good plan not matter how cruel it may seam to us. And it is not so crucial to believe in God to accept this point of view, it can be seen by naked eyes also. For example this recent cruel events has raised human consciousness about need for tolerance and mutual understanding, caring and sharing. Manny people now begin to perceive peace, love, family and tolerance, as more important than money, glamour and success. This year we have gifted our dearest with useful(often ecologically accepted) things that reflect our love and care for them, and we were not willing to gift something that would impress with price and exclusivity, like jewelry or perfumes. Love and care is of course most precious gift, that bring with it all wealth and happiness that we need. We have become aware of need to protect nature, also. More and more people everyday are joining to this wave of newly awaken human consciousness, and this people’s awakening I consider as more important positive thing in already passing year. Again, it is proving that in hard times people are joining together to overcome the problems, and in that process learn much about them self, tolerance, understanding and other crucial things in human life.
At the end, will 2005 be better? In my opinion, we are in process of strong polarization: human race has to pass on higher level of consciousness, and on number of people that understands this, depends if we will be spared of bad events next year. And this growth is for human sake.

New Year Advent In Istria

Maybe it is not important, but today are almost ideal weather conditions. It is warm, clean, sunny and without wind! Manny people will stay at home today, in the circle of friends and family,and many will go out also. City of pula is preparing good program this year, with participation of some of the most popular bands in Croatia, like Prljavo Kazališe. So there is plenty to choose from.

Presidential election in Croatia

Last days of 2004 in Croatia are characterized by race for president. We have 13 candidates among which favorites are actual president Stipe Mesic, and Candidate of Croatian Democratic Party (HDZ) Jadranka Kosor. Although their status of favorites, seams that Boris Miksic, who lived in US for Years, is progressing very fast in popularity, attacking second position of Jadranka Kosor.
But, about this we will talk later, now we have more important things, an I must hurry to take advantage of today’s beautiful, almost ideal weather and take a seaside walk.
All The best to everyone!


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