Thursday, October 28, 2004

As times go on...

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As times go on,
Landscapes change,
People comes and go,
but there are some that remains,
as lights in dark times…

Selfless service.

Everyone should be at least sometimes, if not regulary, engaged in doing some service to those who need it. One is not required to become as Mother Theresa, he can do as much as he can, but some effort is beneficial to all parts.

There is one story when one rich man came to see Mother Theresa, and what is she doing.
After witnessing her sacrifice he said: “Mother, for all wealth in the world, I would not do what You are doing!”, and she replied: “Believe me soon, me neither!”
So this anecdote is telling us much. How rich was Mother Theresa? Only her hearth was rich, but with selfless love.

Doing something for others, something for society, make us feel good, and make us forget everyday troubles. Makes us realize that we are in not so bad position as we often think. We often cry over our selves and our destiny, but this is pity and weak behavior, because brave people are bearing their destiny best they can, and through this they are becoming stronger.
Unfortunately, today due to lack in education of character, youth is week and feels unhappy if doesn’t possess newest model of cell phone. Possession has become substitution for personality, character, and virtue.

There is one case of boy in India, who committed suicide because his parent has refused to by him a new pair of Nike shoes. He felt that life isn’t worth without them?! And how many girls around world are suffering and torturing them self because they don’t look like a models? One day of service to very needed would realize them that they are very, very, lucky.

Service to society on the other hand expands our consciousness, make us put common good in front of our own benefit. And what a surprise… Working for best of others means working for our own best also. We are not isolated, we are all connected. Now is time that humanity understands this on global level. And I think that all bad events in last period, terrorism, violence… Will have it’s sense in making humanity realize that we all share same destiny, and that we all have to do our best to help each other, putting our own little interests, desires, animosity behind the common interests and common goals. Every person that helps in this direction is very welcome. Doesn’t matter how big our contribution is, it is important that exists.
So what can we do? Any thing that comes to our mind, or better, something that wee feel that has to be done. For example we can give food to starveling, we can go and clean some garbage in the park, write an article, animate people… I is important, if possible, do this activity in the group. In such way friendship and sense of unity is strengthen, and consciousness about benefits and importance of serving needed and society is spreading much faster and stronger. Other people will join much easier, and this is great contribution to world healing, which is very, very, needed in this moment.


One of the greatest services that can be done, is education: Education is most sacred duty, as Sathya Sai Baba says. In fact his educational program (Education in human values) is probably the best in the India, and world. He has set up many free high quality schools, from elementary to high and university, where every child, can get exemplary education . His effort is now, after years of sacrifice, giving abundant fruits. His student are among best experts in their field, recognized also by theirs character, virtues and honesty. There are many of them who has become exemplary citizens of their country, and occupy role positions. It is enormous contribution to healing of human society: Excellent persons, by their knowledge and character, at right positions can be the key for better future. Such educational system and institutions, built on Sai Baba’s program now exists in (if I remember well) in 112 Countries, including some European countries, UK, US and others.

Helping needed

So I’ve started this post with intention to write about our Yesterday’s visit to home for old people. That are not ordinary old people, they are very poor: so they can’t afford them better accommodation, or they are physically or psychically ill. We(group of five people) singed for them for about an our, brought them some fruits, and put some smile on their faces. At one point I’ve thought about stupid concerns and worries that we all make to our selves: looking at those people, who were happy only because someone has come to see them. At the end, we singed a song “Jesus I love You…” replacing name of Jesus with name of every one of them: They where delighted. We where asked to return again for new Year…

In helping someone, we are not required to do much. It could be only a smile or nice word, that could brighten a day to someone, and everyone can do it.

History is made by brave people, and I consider everyone who adheres to righteousness, and strive to do his best as a brave and grate person. I hope that, as time goes on, persons that respects core human values will come to the key positions in society, and that will become as lighthouses in the dark…to our age.


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