Friday, September 10, 2004

50 Children’s from Beslan in Croatia

In all this tragedy, here are some good news, a “traces of light”.
Zagreb mayoress Vlasta Pavic has invited 50 children’s survived attack in Beslan on recovery in Croatia. Good news is that they accepted, and they will spend month or two(depends on the estimation of Russian children’s psychologists) in Mali Losinj (Croatian island) accompanied with medical team and teachers. (In fact, many people from Zagreb, motivated by majorness gesture, has self initiative offered accommodation to children's in their homes, but it's decided that Mali Losinj is more suitable for children's recovery.)

This news has been accepted very good in most of the Russian media, as an answer and gratitude to Zagreb’s offer, Russian conductor Pavel Kogan decided that instead of keeping one concert in Zagreb, he will keep two for free, on 19. September during “Days of Moscow in Zagreb”.
And more, Russian sculptor and painter Zurab Tsereteli has announced that will held an exhibition of his artworks in spring 2005, also motivated with Zagreb’s invite to Russian children’s.

Zagreb mayoress Vlasta Pavic will be in Moscow from 15. to 18. September this year, on the meeting called "Conference for peace" together with more than 100 majors from all word, and among other she will visit Beslan.

I think that light is much more powerful than dark… Put a small candle in enormous room and it will banish dark from all corners of the room. The dark is absence of light, and dark can rule only when there is no light.

This post also demonstrates following:
Good deeds are rewarded with good, bad things with bad. And even more, positive things will return back multiplied. Look how one positive gesture of Vlasta Pavic, has resulted in many (more than one) positive reactions. While in the domain of negativity the rule is “eye for eye, and tooth for tooth”, in the domain of positivism seams that one will return in many.

And this is not the rule only on physical level, but also on level of thoughts and emotions, which are even more potentially dangerous. So if we hate someone, we will get (one way or another) this hate back. If we give love(one way or another) we will get love back. I’m shore that everyone can find such examples in his own life. Before every action there is a thought. So thinking bad or hating someone, will rise same emotions and thoughts in that persons, and as thoughts or feelings are in root of every action we will get bad feedback even on physical level. We should be aware that not all are on the same level of consciousness, and that peoples on the lower levels, can fall easily under influence of bad emotions which takes control over them: as a consequence they can undertake unpredictable, uncontrollable and dangerous actions.

So if we consider ourselves persons with higher consciousness, awareness and right sense of discrimination, we should assume our responsibility for things that are happening in the world, knowing that with our good or bad attitude(thoughts, emotions, actions) we are also creating “reactions” that can be good or bad(think at the reactions on Vlasta Pavic initiative, and reactions on Russian policy in Chechnya). We should be responsible and aware on all levels of our existence! Today this is required more than ever, because of specific world situation and known problems.

And if we consider or self as not so high conscious, aware or responsible, we should sustain or self of judging, because we are not able to predict effects of our judgment (in thoughts, words, feelings or actions). In fact high conscious people don’t judge because they understand natural law of action and reaction. It is much better to think good, pray for good and do good. Hard and bad emotions are extremely dangerous, and if we are spreading them (especially stimulating others) we should be aware of sharing responsibility for bad events that may come, geographically near or far.


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