Friday, September 17, 2004

My little paradise

There is one song of band “The Cult” entitled “Here comes the rain”, I don’t know if you have heard it, but 10 – 15 years ago I liked very much that song.

You could get real feeling of eternity in the act of standing under rain with hands open toward sky… while rain softly, but powerfull drops on your skin, washing all emotions, fears, anguish… Leaving only feeling of eternal happiness. Not superficial and 'loud' happiness that usually people express this days, but deep, peaceful, and strong feeling that will stay forever, if rain will continue to fall it will never go, if rain will be so soft and calm I will be in bliss forever, so please, please fall, I’m happy that you come: my loving rain. Please don’t let me wake up from my dream, let me dream forever, let me forget time, space and everything else while I’m giving my self to you, my loving rain: leave only Love, Me and You.
And than wash away Me, and than You, all dissolving being - dissolve Your self in Love, and leave only Love as witness what once has been…

A witness of life that now is no more,
A witness of feelings washed by you,
a witness of man dissolved in the love.

And every time you come
you will tell again,
And every time you come
new people will know,
Of man and rain that once has been,
now gone, in love.

And there will shine a hope again,
more brighter than the sun.
And a new life will be born:
who will know of love, by you.

So please don’t wait no moment no more….
……………my lovin’ rain.

All this week in Istria is raining. Sometimes rain can bring melancholic emotions, sometimes can bring life to thirsty land and man, and sometimes even disasters. But we should respect her anyway.
As now summer is fading away, and nature is vesting autumn colors, I’ve posted here some pictures, taken this spring, of home of may parents, where I was born and lived before going to university to Zagreb.
So enjoy as I have in “my little paradise”.


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Istra,Istria,Istrien said...

Whery nices place !


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