Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Svamiji today in Pula

I think I wrote before about great Indian spiritual master, who has started program called “Yoga in daily life”, Paramhans Swami Maheshvarananda. What is Yoga in daily life, you can read on their web site:
Yoga in daily life is a holistic system for body, mind, consciousness and soul, based on ancient teaching of yoga and adapted for today. Through practice you can regain your physical, psychic, social and spiritual health and achieve Self-realization and God-realization.” (
I personally don’t practice it, but I know many people who does, and who have benefits of it. However, I’ve seen Svamiji few times, and must admit that he is an amazing energy. He radiates love and peace, which You can feel all around him. They call him “perfect master” because he knows perfectly his own being, and knows others as he knows him self. He don’t have subconscious or unconscious mind obscurities, his mind is pure as crystal water, quiet as deep sea, and loving as father.

So today I will go to listen his lesson, he will talk about kundalini energy and chackras. For hose who don’t know, the lesson will be this evening (23.09.2004) in Istrian Theater in Pula at 19:30 (7:30 pm). Entrance is 50Kn, and all profit will be used for humanitarian purposes in Croatia.
And for weekend (24 to 26 September), Svamiji will held an Yoga seminar in Umag.
More info can be found on Croatian Yoga in daily Life site.
See you tomorrow…


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