Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Does we know what is good for us?

Is watching some contents on television good for us? Is it forbidding them to children's freedom restriction? About Croatian Big Brother, art and “informational virus”.

Well, in last period much has been written about Croatian “Big Brother” show, brought to us by RTL Croatia. This show, as I know, has been subject to two complaints from minister of health and Children's Rights Solicitor Ljubica Matijević-Vrsaljko, with explanation that Big Brother contains material that "insults human dignity" and "promotes consumption of alcohol and tobacco, especially among children and youth".
This is old news(it was maybe 2 weeks ago), and in meantime RTL has put in silence notice, which says that show may contain materials unfitted for children’s.Probably this hasn’t change anything, because all those who where watching the show before, are still watching it.

About valuating TV, art, food and other

Many people loves the show, and many hates it, but in valuating television, or book, or food or any other thing, we should ask our selves: what quality it brings in our life? Human energy (our time and attention) is very precious: If we spend it at one side we cannot give it to another. So in valuating where to give, focus our energy (attention), we should valuate about quality that is returning back. In other words we should be well aware of our attention.
So back to Big Brother: is this show bringing some quality in our life? Sincerely, I don’t think so, and I consider it bad for children’s. The facts that children’s and teenagers love to watch it isn’t at all enough reason to say that it is good for them to watch it or that they should watch it. It is worse of simple wasting their precious time, which is even more precious because childhood is very short, it is also harmful.
Art is noble discipline, it should teach people noble or higher qualities, not satisfy and develop their lower instincts. As everybody knows that junk food, white sugar, conserved and frozen food is not best thing we can eat.


Now would You allow your child to eat all day only sweets, candies and junk food? Most of people would not allow their children’s such an alimentation: but why if the children’s like it so much, why not allow them to eat what they want? They will cry: “No, No, I what Ice Cream, I want chocolate…”, but You will not give them… Why? Because it is not good for their health! Such alimentation could produce various health problem and we know it very well. But, hungered years ago people were not paying attention to this fact, and parents allowed they children’s (if they could financially afford it) to eat whatever they want.
What is food for body, information’s are for mind and soul. All information’s that we are subjects to enter our subconscious(as food enters our blood and cells), and in case that we do not filter the information (with awareness and discrimination) it creates “program” that later impacts and directs our behavior by creating patterns that we repeat in our life. It is very subtle, invisible and dangerous “virus” that we should be aware of.
Somebody could say that denying children’s to look Big Brother or some violent film on television is attack on their freedom and integrity. If you forbid to your child to jump from the tenth flour is this limiting their freedom? If you forbid your child to eat ice cream every day, isn’t this limitation? Of course that is, but it is for their good. Violence and lower qualities that they learn on television will impact heavily their life lately. One day they will repeat some of those patterns, in their relations with partner or other people, on the job, in finances… Unfortunately in real life there is no movie style happy end.


We are living in world of limitations. All nature is subject to limitations. Man is happy when it learns to live with those limitations, and accept them. This is strong men. Week men always tries to be what is not (want to be slim, or pretty or god in some discipline), he does not accept his limitation and because of this he is not able to be happy or successful. We should accept that some limitation in our behavior are good for us.

Vision of Croatia

I would be very happy if Croatia instead of following bad, consumption(material and informational) habits of the west, should set example to that same west in good and right education, high social and environmental awareness and psychically, physical, and spiritually healthy and strong youth. I think that we are in better position than west for undergoing those changes, but if we choose to go other way, to follow the errors of the west, we will loose the chance to be among first in something important. Because this change must happened in west or in east, but it must spread all the world, as the “informational and consumption virus” has already did and brought disasters in many lives.


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