Friday, October 01, 2004

Istrian corner in India

I've seen Swamiji in Pula and Umag. We went to Umag in Saturday evening, without intention to return in Sunday, but one of our friends, which is close disciple of Swamiji, has asked us if we could return Sunday morning and bring one video tape for him. So we came Sunday too.
Swamiji has said few very interesting things that Sunday. He have talked about love, about children’s and education, and about his plans. As he likes Croatia and Istria very much, he want to build “Croatian corner” in his ashram in India (ashram is Indian word for something similar to monastery). He would like to build few “kazun” like (kazun is typical Istrian building from stone, small in dimensions, used in past for storage while people were working on their fields. See the picture above) little houses, surrounded with olives and few other typical Istrian trees. He also expressed wish to build an Ashram in Istria, dedicated to spiritual, social and humanitarian work. Biological food should be cultivated there also. So, few good things for Istria, in my opinion.
One sentence, during the lecture, has remained imprinted to me as something very important. Everybody seams to seek happiness and love, human race has is in constant search for it. And we usually search outside: we need nice car, new house, good job: than we will be happy. We search for someone who will LOVE US, but many times we get disappointed because the person from who we are seeking love, is usually seeker itself. Swamiji said something very interesting at this point: that in fact, in our real nature, we are NOT seeking for someone who will love us, but someone who WE could love. Or maybe we could say, who will accept our love. In this case we have a reflection of our selves, we get the picture of our love, there is a flow of energy, and we feel happy and fulfilled.
The problem is when we get rejected. We are trying to radiate love, but other part rejects our love, which hurts our hearth. Hearth must be open to love, and this way hearth can be hurt, closed hearth cannot be hurt. So why we are opening our hearth? Because we want to live, closed hearth means no life, we become as a machine. And people today are becoming more closed inside with every new generation. From outside they are making many contacts and friend: in the schools, bars, clubs, over the internet… But if one could calm down for a few moments, if one could get out from rush around him, inside - which is seen in silence, often we would find our self empty and alone. Probably not all will agree with me, especially not younger people, but try to think for a while. When we are satiated, we are not thinking on food, we are not looking inside the fridge, we are not going to supermarket to by something to eat… When are we doing this? When we are hungry! Hunger is inner feeling, which makes us move, which moves our body and mind: when we feel hunger, we are beginning to think on food, and search for it.
Similar to this, we are searching for company when we feel alone. When we feel unhappy and alone inside (it is not trivial to be aware of this, because we need inner silence), this feeling moves or mind and body, and we are beginning to search for company, we are searching outside, on internet, in the clubs, and many times we search for someone “new”. There is no someone “new” outside, because our inner loneliness is not new, it is older than we are. The same loneliness is shared by millions of people around the globe, and we are not even aware of this. In fact there are only few, very few happy people. And they are not alone even when there is no one around them. Need to be surrounded by people, demonstrates inner feeling of loneliness.
So we are searching for company, but from the other hand, we are afraid to be hurt in relations of any kind, and we are becoming more closed. So we are caught inside the trap: from one side we are feeling alone inside, and have need for others, and from other side, we are afraid to be hurt if we open our hearts: and companionship implies opening the hearth. There is no way out of this with conventional means: off course, we can loose our selves in job, television, hobby, food, but all this cannot last for ever. Before or later, we will consume our vital life energy, and we will face what is within us. This is why every day more and more people are ill from all kinds of diseases, which regardless all advance in medicine cannot be properly healed.
So many things could be said about causes of such problems, but this would make this post too long. It’s roots are in our way of life and educational system, which doesn’t develop proper personality in children’s, which installs them wrong ideals, and which makes them face certain experiences(under the name of "fun") before they are ready, for sake of economical profit and lack of understanding and love.
On Friday, Swamiji has demonstrated great knowledge of Croatia, and great love an attention for his devotes. One Ukraine lady had birthday that day, and Swamiji gave her “tartufi” (special and very expensive kind of mushroom) for the present, explaining her in details why the are so expensive (I think 15.000 USD fro Kg), where they can be found (only few location in the world), and how people are searching for those mushrooms which are growing under the ground(using specially trained dogs and pigs).


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