Monday, December 20, 2004

Traditional values

I’ve read an interesting article in Croatian newspaper “vecernji list” about US presidential elections. The pools taken on election places has shown surprising results: Bush hasn’t won the elections on questions of terrorism, Iraq or inner affairs. He won because voters felt Bush as man who will ensure revival of traditional moral qualities, lost during ages of flourishing liberalism.

Why traditional values?

So seams that people feels the necessity of restoring traditional qualities like family, human relations and so on. What is the cause of this? While flourishing liberalism has some advantage because enhances human freedom, many times this freedom proves it self as very dangerous. For example it may (as today is) bring to more criminality, family breaks and so on. Frankly speaking, the man is free only then when he gladly does what he has to do, and not what he wants to do. Often doing “what we want” could lead us and others to disastrous consequences. So, some limitations were traditionally set not to limit us, but to protect us, so I think that many people are in search for traditional values again, because they feel the need for more security and peace in their lives. They want protection that adhering to traditional values can bring. They are probably tired of terrorism, aids, threat from organized criminal that endangers them, their property, children’s.

Pope's speach

In this context is also an declaration from Pope John Paul II, in which he states against legalization of homosexual communities, and says that attacks on marriage and family, from ideological and law aspect, are every day stronger and more radical. He also added That the one who destroys subtle basics of society, creates deep wound to community, often causing irreparable damage.


Family and marriage are very important, they should be guarded as something holy and precious, because in family the basics of healthy and happy society are laid down. We all know how many marriages break up’s has brought suffering to ex partners and especially to children’s. Children’s should be double guarded, because experiences in their early age will heavily impact their future life. This is also the cause for people’s need for more security, because many of today’s adult has experienced bitter flavor of their parents divorce or conflict. Traditionally home is place of peace, security and happiness, so restoring traditional values should restore this happy home atmosphere also. On the other hand unity of family should bring more benefits in sense of economic security. Family members could more easily support each other in some critical situations. From my experience, people with good family situation and communication are generally more successful, and with more balanced and happy life. So this is core of society, which should be well guarded.


When I started this post I’ve not realized it’s connection with Christmas, which is coming very soon! But now I think this is perfect topic for it, because Christmas is time when love an peace in family are restored, when traditional values, security and warmth of home, becomes important once again: which should become a part of our everyday life also. In Istria and Croatia, there are many people that follows the tradition: In Istria on Christmas eve “Bakalar”(fish) with ”posutice”(pasta) is prepared, an on midnight, people goes to church to celebrate Jesus birth together, on midnight procession called “polnocka”. All is so festive, all town illuminated, almost every home with candle and Christmas tree.

In the faith that everyone will find happiness and harmony in family and life, that little misunderstandings among us will be forgotten and what is good will be put ahead, in the advent of this most holy day, I wish all a marry, marry Christmas…


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