Friday, November 12, 2004

Heavy rains in Istria

Last week I wrote about extremely high temperatures for this period. By the end of last week this has changed suddenly: From t-shirts we’ve jumped into jackets, literally in one day. After that, two days ago the rain was falling so heavy, that our regional newspaper dedicated whole front page to this. Today, weather is very nice, moderately warm, with some clouds but without rain. Experts for weather says that we are shifting form Mediterranean clime to something more similar to oceanic: with moderated temperatures and more humidity. Ok, enough about weather: those who are brave can still go an take a bath in the sea… It is not too cold, but I renounced till next spring/summer. Till then: only seaside walks…

Istra Danas (Istra Today)

Today I’ve got into posses of “Istra Danas” (danas means today), regional paper published monthly and distributed free of charge. Although it is official regional paper, there are always plenty of interesting articles. I have sensation that it’s operated by young people with ideas and freedom to choose interesting topics. As usual we can find: news, stories, reports, but also tips and advices for Istrian man or entrepreneur, and what makes me most happy, some interesting yet less known facts and articles about culture, history and Istrian itinerary. And last, but not least, in November edition they shortly presented this blog… Thanks!

At the end…

Well, at the end I’ve remembered one nice nature manifestation that is typical for this period… As this is rainy season, wind named “Jugo” (south wind) is blowing very strong: producing powerful waves that may be few meters high (as on picture below).

In Pula, there is one seaside street, open to south and sea, where one can fully experience power of the wind and sea during days of strong “Jugo”, while high waves splash them self on the rocky shore producing great waterworks…


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