Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring is coming

Finally, weather is worming up. It took some time. Usually, in this period of year, all have already flourished, leaves on the trees and plants are out, birds song can be heard. But now seams that we are one month late. I am not complaining about this, at opposite I am happy for longer winter, because last years it was very worm, and this is not good for environmental balance. Maybe this winter was some sort of temperature balancing.
This reminded me, a film about new Ice Age, called: “Day After Tomorrow”, where entire north hemisphere gets frozen due to temperature balancing of atmosphere overheating caused by humans.
Here the nature teaches us that balance is very important, and that everything, before or after, has to be balanced. So the man should maintain balance between words and deeds, balance between taking and giving, balance between our possibilities and desires, balance between family members, balance between work and rest… We could list many more things. Maybe the balance could be observed also as a rule of action and reaction: if we are careful we could notice this. For example, if we do something bad to others, a reaction could be that something bad happens to us also, in order to balance our action.
Last 100 years we are doing much harm to nature and earth, we are not respecting her and we are overusing her resource, without caring much for natural balance, caring mostly for our comfort. This way, the nature could react in unfavorable way for us, not as a revenge but in order to balance subtle environment. This way more tsunami’s, tornados or other natural calamites could happened, as way to prevent total environmental disaster.
Off course, it is only my theory, I’m not a scientist, so things could easily go some other way, and probably will, because man very rarely guesses about his own life, so this should be taken as my vision on how man should manage his life: to be in balance.


At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:13 AM, Anonymous godhatessweden.com said...

Hallo! Not that important, but: remember when to write "seems" & "seams". Different words.


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