Sunday, July 17, 2005

Municipal Tourism Office Medulin

Municipal Tourism Office Medulin

Medulin is one of the most developed tourist district’s, but unfortunately, till now they had old and ugly web site. Now the launched brand new and good looking, with lots of information's for tourists: including beaches, photos, accommodation, sport and destinations: Medulin, Pomer, Banjole, Pjescana Uvala, Vinkuran and Premantura which contains one of the most beautiful natural parks in Croatia.
By the way, Premantura recently was on the target of construction entrepreneurs who wanted to deteriorate this beautiful coast:

(check more on medulin’s web site by your self) to be able to build some hotels and apartments. Recently there was elections, and municipal governance has changed, Younger people has arrived, so let’s hope that their level of consciouness is opposite of their ages: what means higher, and that they will know how to recognize priorities in rural development….
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