Thursday, July 14, 2005

False accusations for pedophilia in Pula

False accusations for pedophilia in Pula?

Today’s newspapers has brought the news that accusation for pedophilia in case of children refuge in Pula was false, so seams that there is not case at all. I’m happy that things finished this way, because public opinion was rampantly going in direction of deprecation of employees in this activity. In effect it is good that things has resolved so quickly, this has eased a lot a life of accused people. But, and often there is one but, remains suspect that something has really happen. And in fact, according to my private sources which knows in first hand some of involved persons, there is at least one person for which this accusations are true. This fact, for me puts even more suspect in the fairness of our law and jurisdiction.

Power and responsability of media

However, seams that most of the named persons in that case are really innocent, and that some emotional and professional damage to them is done.
In last time I noticed that I’ve written more about medias and their attitude, than about situation itself. In our regional newspaper (“Glas Istre”) the first page is dedicated to this case today, but in Croatian biggest newspaper “Jutarnji list”, there is nothing more than little article somewhere in the middle of papers, while when scandal has emerged, they dedicated it first page!

Our wicked mind

This also reflects our wicked way of thinking: we always give more weight and attention to bad things than to good ones. And this is one of the reasons why we have the problem to see our life as joy - as we get older we see it more as sorrow. Our mind have to be purified properly if we want to sense real life joy, not only sensual pleasures, which are far below experiencing every moment in full.

Light side - Dark side

Have somebody watched “Star wars: Revenge of the sith”? What was the power of sith lord Darth Sidious, that bounded Anakin Skywalker in the darkness? it was not his battle skill, it was his power to recognize our inner fears and bondages: bondages with people, with concepts (philosophy, religion, science), with things(houses, cars, possessions). He used Anakin’s fear of loosing his wife (as he lost his mother) to turn him to the dark side. Dark side means surrender to the fear, anger, will to dominate… Dark side makes us do bad things: that harms other, that brings pain and suffering, that breaks balance. Fear makes us sometimes lie, desire make us sometime cheat to achieve object of our desire. And we consider it as normal, we always have excuses for our little lies. This is all dark side because dark side means shadowing the clarity: falsity that shadows the truth (we cannot see in dark). Thus our selves become unable to see clearly(what is truth and what untruth): this is the price of the dark side. When we lie to others, we will lie to our selves also; the dark side has no friends, dark can overcome light only by complete annihilation of all existing, because every being has a light of consciousness-awareness inside, everyone is enemy of dark side: in fact it will destroy even its “servants”.

Our real self

Everybody, knowing it or not, strive to self realization, strive to become light and not dark, regardless how one can be seduced by desires, power, fear… his deepest wish is to become one with the light, to be fully aware of its own existence - of itself. Thus, there is no bad man in his core. Even the most cruel terrorist deep within has same longing as we are. Think about worst thing that may happen to you: Isn’t this loss of self consciousness? Think for a while what is use of anything other then? In that state You don’t have wife and children, You don’t possess any good or wealth, in that case Your body and senses are of no use. So, the mythical battle of good and bad, dark and light happens right within our selves. It represents our rise from complete self oblivion to fully awareness of our being.

Fear and happiness

As long as we have fear (fear for our children’s, fear of losing job, fear of nature, fear of terrorist) we will not be able to experience bliss or even happiness, because our attention will be always drawn away by potential threats, and thus we are unable of sensing or seeing good things that in the same moment coexists with the potential threat. So every moment has good and bad (dark and light side) potential, and what we experience depends on which side we will turn our attention. All depends on color of our glasses (our way to see things). But while we are bound by the dark side, we are not able to sense real happiness: only worries and fears: So Darth Vader, regardless of his great powers was not happy, and one of our highest duties is to be happy, since this precious gift of life was given to us.


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