Monday, September 05, 2005

Rainy August, Sunny September

This summer was very interesting from a point of weather… In Croatia, such a heavy rains during summer hasn’t been seen even from oldest people. So, my father (that is almost 60) has never seen green grass in summer time. The grass in Istria is always yellow and dry (caused by high temperatures and lack of water) till later autumn and winter.
Because of that probably tourist were very unhappy, but in other hand for us, that work here in hot summer days, this wasn’t bad weather at all. Now there are many good mushrooms all around (for those who know how to collect then) so in the last period we enjoyed in various top quality plates prepared from those mushrooms that we’ve (or our relatives, especially my father and my wife’s mother) collected.
But now in September, weather is excellent: cold and sunny. Interesting is that I’ve seen on TV and internet that some other parts of the world (like Australia and Portugal) are hit by opposite situations, incredible dryness. And what to say about last events in USA, where “Katrina” has literally destroyed New Orleans.
And what to do now? It is obvious that climatic changes are on the road, so similar situations are to be expect in future also. Why? Man has disordered natural equilibrium, and now nature has to find new balance: Some parts of the world will become deserts, some ice cubes, and some green gardens… But maybe distribution of this areas will not be same as today. I find this thing very logic. By now, probably is too late to stop this process, but we can ease it. For this, raise of people’s consciousness is required, it is choice that is before us: learn lection in easy or hard way.


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