Friday, August 27, 2004

Two week vacation that has become one

Our minister Kalmeta has stated that this is best tourist season after the war in Croatia has started. Today we have returned from Porec, and for those who don’t know, Porec is probably biggest and most profitable tourist destination in Croatia. We had there some business meeting at “Plava Laguna”, which is (what a case…) biggest tourist company in Porec. So their opinion should be relevant.
There are some places that had 1000% increase in number of guests, statistic says. But what is behind is, that some village last years had 3 guests, and this year 30 (the numbers are not exact, but near) ?! And Dalmatia had an 10% increase too! But it is to mention that 3% less in Istria is much more than 10% increase in Dalmatia… So statistics are not so relevant and can easily be manipulated. Croatia is good destination, and it is gaining on importance also. But there is general recession in the Europe, and probably even elsewhere on the west. For example, people from “Plava Laguna” said to us, that German government stimulates their citizens to stay at home with taxes relief, and in situation when prices grows, peoples remains without work… You know, one actually doesn’t have much will either to go on holiday. Fifteen years ago, people used to stay for 2 weeks or more in average. Today it is not like this: most common is one week, some come even for less. Why? They have to work! This is the situation today: some work too much, some doesn’t work at all! And very few has enough income, while many has to much anguish and stress!

And when we was returning from Porec, I and my associate Roby had an interesting conversation. He has year and half old son. When we talked something about education, he said the he will not teach has soon something (don’t meter if it’s good thing) for which he think others could take fun with him?!

The point here is that Roby is very good guy, but he reflects habits, thoughts and behavior of most people. It is important to be merged in the mass: let’s the river flow! But in this way, nothing will never change! I told him that he should install in his soon high ideals and high qualities, and if he is good or best in some fields: nobody will take fun of him – at opposite other will follow him, and what is more important he will be happy. The problem is that we don’t have high self confidence as parents, so we cannot install those qualities in our children’s. Actually, we are full of fears and doubts about our capabilities to achieve something. What a mistake.

People makes fun with week, not with strong, and if we have strong self confidence and self-respect other will respect us too. I was lucky to meet few strong spiritual people: they are full of love and compassion, in some way they are not like grown up persons, but more like children’s always smiling… But when they pass near You, You are hardly able to stay standing because of respect and gratitude that You feel.

If little people don’t change them self, who will change the society? Presidents, or ministers? I doubt, they are in general not able to change them selves. It is not good to travel in train that is going to ruin only because all are doing so… What is use of this? Has Jesus done like this? If this train (our society, way of life) is going to the ruin, it is time to step out, as soon as possible. And what to change? Our thoughts, our habits, our attitude. Otherwise, probably situation will become worst and worst, as the two week vacation has become one.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Why we need Fireman’s?

Few days ago we were witnessing an interesting situation. In Šijana(Pula), behind ex “Standa” (so practically in the center) some under wood has light up, and in terms of a minutes we almost had a big fire in the center of the city. Fortunately, Fireman’s has come very soon and put fire under control. So it is summer, and all this wouldn’t been so interesting except for one thing: near us there was a women that sells fruit and vegetables in her booth near the meadow where fire has begun, and suddenly she said: “Look! Here is, the same kid that done it last time!”

So we have a pyromaniac kid, who lighted a conflagration at least second time!
Here the tale stops, fireman’s has done a good job with fire, but what has happened with the boy? Has or will somebody EDUCATE him, in the way to install him sense of right conduct?
Probably we wont know the answer to this question, but anyway we can do few observations. Today’s education educates only mind, and does not develop character of the children’s in right manner. How can I state this? It is not required to be great expert, look only at situation in the world and society today, where peace, harmony and happiness is more difficult to find than ever, people are stressed and divided, fear and greed rules, morality and righteousness has been forgotten. It is education that has fallen in installing human values in the children’s, otherwise people would live in different way.

Before I’ve said: has somebody educated the boy? It is not enough to say only YES/NO, the teachers and parents should teach by example. Then no many words would be required.
In last few Years in Croatia we have got many material things. We have better roads, Our leaders and politicians has successfully opened another commercial center, another hotel, built another road but also brought more stress and tension in our life, more fear of competition, more misery, toxic dependents, more crime and other social problems than ever.

They have fail to bring us happy and ordered life. People struggle every day, because of ever growing needs, and ever rising competition booth parents are forced to work for surviving. So children’s are grown up by television, street or nannies. Because money and “success” has become a scope of life, no one can teach children (remember: with example) what is right conduct and good character, what will bring not only success but also happy life. No one (or almost no one) on this world is free of suffering: including presidents, actors, wealthy and famous, and it is absurd that they are trying to leads us, while they cannot find contentment them selves!?

Maybe our leaders don't feel responsible for this fall of righteousness and peace in human life, but they should. They should think that they are here to SERVE, not to RULE! No one is big, and if You RULE now You own it to the society, but if You SERVE now it's Your own right and property.

Do we need another commercial center? Do we need better cars or more hotels? Or we need more peace, love and understanding, less stress and more safety for us and our children’s: from crime, drugs, drug dealers, wild and drunk drivers, angry neighbors, crazy individuals and gangs armed with guns, knives or whatever? All this outcasts has not came from the sky: they are all product of today’s way of life, as fear and lack of self confidence in people is.

Shouldn’t politicians and leaders listen to our needs? They probably have their visions, plans or maybe dreams of better world, but as Peter Parker’s (Spiderman 2) uncle said: sometimes we have to sacrifice all, even our selves or our dreams to do what is right, what is best. So let’s sacrifice another commercial center for more peace and security in our life. It is so simple, all we need is to move our focus from profit to peace and harmony. Profit, money and advance in general is good, but it have to serve to higher scopes, not to itself. Then we will be able to keep the advance and to be happy in the same time.

Jesus has said something like this: who builds on me, builds on solid rock, no rain, or wind or sun can harm him. Otherwise rain, water, or wind can easily blow away your constructions.
Who adheres to righteousness - righteousness protects him through time and space. His deeds are not of temporary character, and what he does brings peace and happiness to all.
So let’s do our best, and pray for the rest! Cheers

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Summer rush in Istra

So, full touristic season is on in our beloved region, and with it also the summer rush. During the day It’s almost impossible to find parking place near the beaches. In the evening the same story in the town. Sound familiar? Manny tourists that came in this period are living or working in big cities as Milan, Budapest, Munich or other European capitals where rush is style of life - and now they come in same situation: while in their cities (I’ve been in Milan during August) now is calm.
Well, shouldn’t be better to stay home in august and come in September? I’m half joking, because there are many factors that determine when one can go to holidays, but I’ve wanted to emphasis how Istria is beautiful in September and autumn in general.
Usually see is still warm enough to take bath (till end of September without problems), there is some special sensation of peace and calm and colors are very strong: sun, sea, grass, trees… all shines in beautiful shapes and colors. There is even some melancholic emotion in the autumn, maybe because of live summer passing away, and because all is calming down, going toward another winter. The memories of past years rise up, and I remember old days when together with my grandpa we was collecting harvest: that nature and work of our hands gifted us… I’ must admit that I’m sometimes nostalgic of those days, I miss those calm, worm and timeless sensation, simplicity of collecting apples and grapes, moments of happiness without stress and worries. So if You can, come in Istria in the September – or early summer, not in August: You will get better experience.

Istra Web Dir

If You are interested in Istrian web, check Istrian Web Directory Istra Web Dir. I found there some nice sites. Expecialy I've liked a personal pages with nice photos, fdor example (in croatian), or

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Back from India

Hi to everyone, yesterday I've returned form trip to India. Here I will post few nice words that I've read there:

Politics without principles,
Commerce without Morality,
Science without Humanity and
Education without character
are not only useless, but also dangerous.
You should be a perfect, ideal man.

from Sri Sathya Sai Baba