Monday, June 28, 2004

Istra blog

The blog service has recently been opened in Croatia also, so here is the link on another nice blog about Istria there. Recently there is posted an article about election of Miss goat (the most beautiful goat in Istria) in istrian place Svetvincenat. So please visit full article (Croatian) on Istra blog.

Don't let the Adriatic die as Black Sea

This is title of the today's article in Glas Istre, Istrian daily newspaper. In this article Serhiy Kurykin, (ex Ukraine minister of ecology, and member of European ecologist party which have 42 members in European parliament) warns Croatia to not repeat their mistake, with oil transport where 70% of seal life was destroyed Ballast watery which tankers leaves in sea.
Probably not everybody knows that here is word about DruzbAdria, a project for transport of Russian oil. The project seams to be ecologic and economic disaster for Croatia, because of lost it can produce in sphere of tourism. But shore, more seriously are dangers for the environment, because they are more difficult to correct, here MMF, some institution or organization cannot undone or null the consequences.

Why we need the oil?

But here is the main doubt: why we need the oil? Have we ever thought about this? Today we have technology and alternate sources of energy that could be used. It need a little bit more to invest to commercialize this products, but we could drive ecologically much safer vehicles very soon - and not only vehicles. So where is the problem? Because moving oil pipeline from one place to another does not solve problem at all. Would be better that disaster happens in Italy, not in Croatia? For all region it is almost the same.
Again and again the problem is the same: money and power. Today who has oil has power. And other thing: it is not difficult to create new products, but it is difficult to turn people and industry toward new sources of energy. This requires great social and economical engagement which nobody want to take. Today’s leaders probably calculates with resources, pollution and economic factors.
So we are only numbers, let’s say(this is only hypothesis, not real data): this year 100.000 people will die from lack of drinking water, air pollution…. 100.000 of marriages will be broken because of stress on work, 20.000 people will get mad, 50.000 children’s will die from hunger, 20.000 animal races will be exterminated forever … But this is 0,01% and it is acceptable, because saving all this people would cost us many billions of dollars, would cause social turbulence, would endanger “sophisticate” economic balance…. Dear ones, the nature has much more sophisticated equilibrium than our economy, and it is unpredictable. If nature turns as back, not that our economy would be put out of balance, our economy would not exist at all! It is as in film “day after tomorrow”, and maybe that similar story was with ancient lost civilizations.
So maybe the powerful think of us as a numbers, but dear presidents, ministers and generals we are not. Every life is precious, and millions are suffering because powerful are ruling this world for their sake and interest, not for benefit of all. You cannot rule well if you are greed for power and money, because the money does not make the world go round.
Here you can read more details about petition against DruzbAdria and sign it. Here is official janaf page, where you can read more about the project, and if you need translation there is good service on Intertran!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Euro 2004 football championship

This days everyone talks about football, and many people their evenings spend in front of the television watching football games at European championship euro2004. As in every game, there are surprises, sensational turnovers, new and old heroes as Wayne Rooney or Zinedine Zidane… Croatia has lost the game against England (4 : 2), and leaves championship. I will not analyze the game, the players or coach, because all in Croatia are doing this, here we will focus on attitude.
Now many wants to crucify the Selector, mr.Otto Baric for the defeat, people feels angry frustrated and waste their time on infinite debates. All nation is focused on this.
Similar situation is with Italians, they have won against Bulgaria, but it was not enough to pass to the quarterfinals, in fact Denmark and Sweden scored 2:2 which was result that guaranteed booth teams to pass first round. Days before Italians was speculating and accusing booth Denmark and Sweden that they have reach agreement to play 2:2, so Italia was doing heavy pressure on all actors instead to think about their game, which they have almost lost.
This is only introduction to understand the situation and circumstances, and here is the point: why we cannot let the players simply do their best and have fun because of good game? In the middle of the game Denmark – Sweden, when Sweden was loosing 2 : 1 and was in danger of falling out, the camera has shown an Swedish fan who was smiling, and having fun as they were winning!? I consider this an great attitude, culture and great example. We and Italians are taking football to seriously (by the way, we booth play defensive football) and we booth has fallen out. So maybe it is time to take the game as the game, and enjoy in it…

Monday, June 14, 2004

Virtual prospect of Istria

Check this great
virtual prospect of Istra, not postcard or touristic Istria which you can find anywhere, but less known Istria, not cultivated for tourists and camera objective.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Croatia, one of European stars

So, seams that Croatia has achieved one of it’s main goals: Next week we will get the status of an candidate for European union. Will this bring better life for us? Examples of Spain, Ireland and other countries says yes…
For those who don’t know, At the beginning of the century Istria was under Austro -Hungarian rule, Pula was its main war harbor. Someone could think that I mention this in negative context, but to say the truth, Istria has profit a lot from Austrian period. They have left great heritage after they left: It seams that all best has been done during Austrian rule. So, Austria was the ruler, but also great partner. Let’s hope that Europe also will bring prosperity and wellness to people like Austria once. Good luck Croatia!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

About Austrians that enclose Istrian coast and Troy

In today’s news in “Glas Istre”(Istrian newspaper) the main title is: “Austrians enclose Istrian coast”. The non private land has been sold to Austrians in doubtful transaction for small money, and after that urbanized. Now they are enclosing the coast, and closing roads to sea in tricky way, so that they can close the ways and stay in the limits of the law. All story is doubtful, but probably none of responsible will bear the consequences.
Seams that the story repeats for uncounted number of times. Always the bead guys wins an people suffers for someone greed and will to dominate and possess, to have more, and more, and more…
This is the story of Troy, yesterday we went to cinema to watch the film. The Trojans were noble and honest, their prince Hector great and noble hero, Troy beautiful city, but the Trojans was killed, Hector was killed, and beautiful city burned and destroyed. Why? Not because of a beautiful princess Helen, but because of greed and will to dominate of Agamemnon, Greek king and conqueror.
After film I asked my self, what is the sense of all this? What is the sake of all this death and destruction. It seams that dark side has won, all was destroyed, all great warriors including Achilles killed, booth kings, even Agamemnon who started the war, dead… Who was happy?
There was an great statement, when Hector said that there is nothing noble in killing someone. Chivalry can be noble but to kill someone….?
At least there was nobility in being warrior, but today’s little profiteer are they noble? They hide them self like a rats in the holes, they hide them self behind holes in the law, lawyers, they are doing what is wrong but do not care for that if they can’t get caught. What a misery… At least Achilles went alone under the walls of Troy challenging Hector, he was not afraid of dying, he stood bravely behind his acts an decisions. Today there is no face you can look at. All hide them selves.
So seams that present times are even worst, the bed guys don’t get justice for their deeds like Agamemnon who has von but not lived the days of his glory.
But still I think that there are heroes outside even today, but they don’t fight with armor and sword, the fight with word of peace and love like Dalai Lama, like Bono Vox, Paolo Coelho and other people around the world.